TE SOLKLAMP Grounding Bolt 2106831-1 (Ten Pack)

Tyco SOLKLAMP Ground Bolt 2106831-1 - Sold In Packs of Ten Pieces

The Tyco SOLKLAMP Ground Bolts are designed for quick and easy solar module grounding applications using solid copper uninsulated #6 AWG to #12 AWG wire, or stranded copper wire #6 AWG to #10 AWG (7 or 19 strands). The grounding assembly consists of a wire bolt (wire slot on one end and threaded post on the other), wire binding hex nut, and mounting hex washer nut. The grounding assembly is used with metal–framed photovoltaic (solar) panels and related products that require grounding for safety reasons.

SOLKLAMP Features:
- Rugged and compact hex bolt design made from stainless steel.
- Bottom edge feature cuts through anodized aluminum surfaces when securing the hex bolt solar panels frame.
- Standard tooling can be used with the hex nuts, no special tooling required!
- Quick and easy mounting procedures.
- For use with solar panels.

Technical Documents:
(Tyco Part # 2106831-1 )

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