Staubli Multi-Contact MC4 In-line Fuse 15A 1000V 55000128-0050UL PV-K/ILF

Staubli Multi-Contact MC4 In-line Fuse 15A 1000V Rated - 55000128-0050UL PV-K/ILF15/6N0050UL

These Staubli (Formerly Multi-Contact USA) MC4 type in-line fuses are ideal for use with solar panels with a standard MC4 type wire lead. These are constructed with a crimped connection which guarantees a long-lasting, stable connection in comparison to conventional clip-in clamps. Contact our sales team for item variations found in the spec sheet below.

Staubli / Multi-Contact Order #: 55000128-0050UL
Staubli / Multi-Contact Type: PV-K/ILF15/6N0050UL
Amp Rating: 15
Voltage Rating: 1000
Type of Connector / Socket: MC4

Product Features:
- Minimal energy loss, low heat generation
- Robust housing, safety class IP68
- Cable cross section 10 AWG/6 mm²
- Cable cTÜVus certified
- 50 cm (19.6 in) length

Technical Documents:
MultiContact_Inline_Fuse_PV-K-ILF Specs

$30.00 (Excl. Tax and handling)