Staubli Multi-Contact MC4-Evo2 Male Negative Connector PV-KST4-EVO 2/6II-UR

Staubli Multi-Contact MC4-Evo2 Male Negative Connector PV-KST4-EVO 2/6II-UR for #10/12 AWG Wire

The MC4-Evo2 is the latest addition to the Multi-Contact (Stäubli Electrical Connectors) PV connector portfolio. Great for high voltage applications, these new connectors are internationally certified with IEC, UL, JET, cTÜVus and are approved for 1500 V DC (IEC, JET), 1000 V DC (UL) unrestricted access.

Multi-Contact MULTILAM Technology has proven the quality and durability several 100 million times since 2004. MC4-Evo2 connectors are suited for all climatic environments thanks to resistance to UV, ammonia, salt-mist spray and high IP class (IP68).  MC4 crimping tools can be used.

Staubli / Multi-Contact Part Numbers:
- Male Negative Connector: 32.0089P0001-UR  ,  PV-KST4-EVO 2/6II-UR

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