Staubli Multi-Contact 32.0019 MC4 Branch Connector – PV-AZS4 (1F2M)

Staubli Multi-Contact MC4 Branch Connector - PV-AZS4 32.0019 (1F2M)

Branch connectors are used for a quick and easy parallel connection or serial parallel connection of solar panels with Staubli (Formerly Mult-Contact USA) MC4 extention wires. 30A max rating. Unmated connections must be protected by sealing caps. 1 female to 2 male connectors.

PV-Branch plug PV-AZS4 Specs:
Rated current: 30A
Rated voltage: 1000V (IEC/CEI)
Test voltage: 6kV (50Hz, 1min.)
Overvoltage category/Pollution degree: CATIII/2
Contact material: Copper, tin plated

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