SMA Sunny Boy 3.8-US 3800W 208/240V Grid Tie Solar Inverter

SMA Sunny Boy SB3.8-1SP-US-40 - 3800W 208/240 V Grid Tie Solar Inverter with SPS

The Sunny Boy-US is the newest inverter series from SMA. They feature a wealth of improvements and joins SMA’s lineup of field-proven solar technology backed by the world’s #1 service team. The world’s first Secure Power Supply now delivers up to 2,000 W of opportunity power when the grid goes down and the sun is shining. Installation has never been easier thanks to SMA’s Installation Assistant, direct access via smartphone, and integrated DC disconnect.

The SMA Power+ Solution combines legendary SMA inverter performance and intelligent DC module-level electronics in one cost-effective, comprehensive package. This means that you can achieve maximum solar power production for your customers while also realizing significant installation savings. Unlike conventional microinverter and DC optimizer systems, Power+ is faster to install, provides more flexibility, boasts logistical advantages, and reduces service risk.

The Sunny Boy’s multiple independent input channels, each with SMA’s OptiTrac Global Peak, mean hundreds of stringing configurations for flexible system design while solving the challenges of complex roofs and shading. Additional efficiencies are achieved with SMA’s new Smart Connected technology, which simplifies service, reduces costly truck rolls and can help installers provide stellar customer service. Check out SMA's handy online configuration tool for project planning here:

Sunny Boy 3.8-US Model Specs:
Manufacturer Part Number:
10-years (Extended manufacturer warranty available)
Maximum Input String Voltage:
600.0 V
MPPT Range:
100 to 550
Minimum Input String Voltage:
125.0 V
Number of MPPT tracker / string per MPPT tracker: 2 / 1
Nominal AC Power:
3800.0 W
Nominal voltage / adjustable: 208 / 240 V
Dimensions (In.): 
21.1 x 28.5 x 7.8
57.0 lbs

SMA Sunny Boy Features:
- Secure Power Supply, now with 2,000 W of opportunity power in the event of a grid outage
- An economical solution for shade mitigation and the challenges of complex roofs
- Complete grid-management capabilities, ensuring a utility-compliant solution for customers operating in any market
- Multiple independent MPPT solar inputs
- SMA’s proprietary OptiTrac™ Global Peak shade mitigation technology
- Diverse application options including on- and off-grid compatibility
- Superior integration with SMA’s MLPE Power+ Solution
- Integrated DC Disconnect
- Made in the USA

Technical Documents:

$1240.00 (Excl. Tax and handling)