Rennsteig 624 004 3 1 RT CSC Tool for MC4/Tlian/Twinsel/Jinko/Leoni Contacts w/Locator 12 AWG

Rennsteig CSC (Cut, Strip, Crimp) Tool for MC4/Tlian/Twinsel/Jinko/Leoni Contacts w/Locator for #12 AWG - 624 004 3 1 RT

No more carrying around 3 different tools, when all you really want to do is make a connection. “CSC“ stands for Cut - Strip - Crimp, and that‘s what this tool does. Unique in the industry!

This crimp tool is recommended for crimping of MC4/Tlian/Twinsel/Jinko and Leoni connectors (12 AWG) and includes a positioning locator. Rennsteig tools are of the highest quality, and built to last. Dies and locators can be exchanged from this tool to work with other types of solar connectors.

Specific Connector Types this tool works with: Staubli Multi-Contact "MC4" (Solarline 2) / Tlian (T4-PC-1/T4-PPE-1) / Twinsel (PV-SY02M/PV-SY02F) / Jinko (PV-JK03M) and Leoni (LSC-R1)

Rennsteig Tool Features:
- For cutting, stripping and crimping of solar contacts with just one tool 
- Parallel jaws for even crimps
- High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps
- 1.2 metric tons pressure at crimping face, with minimal hand effort
- Interchangeable high-precision crimping die set
- Interchangeable locator for precision positioning of terminals
- Top German build quality throughout

Technical Documents:

$360.37 (Excl. Tax and handling)