Multi-Contact Fuses

Multi-Contact Fuses

Inline fuses from Multi-Contact USA, ideal for use with solar panels with MC4 or MC4 Evo connectors.

Multi-Contact Inline-Fuse PV-K/ILF and PV-K/ILF...UL product line includes:

55000140-0050UL PV-K/ILF4/6N0050UL

55000127-0050UL PV-K/ILF10/6N0050UL

55000128-0050UL PV-K/ILF15/6N0050UL

55000129-0050UL PV-K/ILF20/6N0050UL

55000130-0050UL PV-K/ILF30/6N0050UL

55000189-0055UL PV-K/1500ILF4/6N0055UL

55000190-0055UL PV-K/1500ILF10/6N0055UL

55000191-0055UL PV-K/1500ILF15/6N0055UL

55000192-0055UL PV-K/1500ILF20/6N0055UL




Staubli Multi-Contact MC4 In-line Fuse 15A 1000V 55000128-0050UL PV-K/ILF


Staubli Multi-Contact MC4 In-line Fuse 15A 1000V Rated - 55000128-0050UL PV-K/ILF15/6N0050UL These Staubli (Formerly Multi...