Enphase Q-12-17-240 Q Cable for 60 Cell Modules in Landscape

Enphase Q-12-17-240 Q Cable for 60 Cell Solar Panels installed in Landscape Orientation

The IQ Microinverter system uses the new Q Cable with only two conductors, resulting in a more lightweight and flexible product. This UL3003 listed DG (Distributed Generation) cabling system is purpose designed for the application.

Note: The "-240" in this Enphase part number indicates 240 connector quantity, however these are sold and priced per connector drop section. If ten Q Cable connectors are ordered, a single cut of Q cable with ten connectors will be shipped. Connectors are spaced each 2.0 m (6.5 ft).

Q Cable Benefits:
- 2-wire cable is 50% lighter than previous generation Enphase cable
- New cable numbering simplifies wire management
- Plug-and-play connectors speed up installation
- More cost-effective with less cable waste
- UL listed

Technical Documents:
Enphase Tech Brief - Planning for IQ System

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