Heyco HEYClip SunRunner 90° Cable Clips – 4 Wires

Heyco HEYClip SunRunner 90-4 Cable Clips - 4 Wires - Sold in Packs of 100 Cable Clips

Heyco SunRunner 90° Cable Clips are designed to mount at a 90 degree angle to the original SunRunner. The SunRunner 90-4 will accommodate four cables from .20˝ (5,1 mm) to .30˝ (7,6 mm). Heyco Part Numbers: S6439 / S6479 (NOTE: These Heyco part numbers designate specific quantities, these are sold in packs of 100 clips.)

SunRunner 90° Series is designed for use with PV modules mounted in the “landscape” mode. PV modules with
shorter than normal junction box cables cannot be dressed out to the sides of the module. The SunRunner 90° Series will also allow the junction box cables to be run to the adjacent modules across the short side of the
PV module frame.

These cable clips are made from .020˝ thick heat treated 410 stainless steel, unlike the Sunrunner 90 and 90-2, the SunRunner 90-4 parts are not cULus.

Technical Documents:

$45.00 (Excl. Tax and handling)